Aiken Summer Classic Series to Support the USET Foundation

The Aiken Summer Classic Series Will Support the USET Foundation Ahead of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo

By Kara Pinato Scro / Jump Media

GLADSTONE, N.J. – The United States Equestrian Team (USET) Foundation will be receiving generous support from the Classic Company, the management company behind the Aiken Summer Classic hunter/jumper horse show series. Throughout the two weeks of shows at Aiken Summer Classic, June 16-20 and June 23-27, 2021, all of the entry fees from the Low Hunter and Training Jumper divisions, which include the show’s largest classes, will be donated to the USET Foundation.

Aiken Summer Classic Series at Bruce’s Field Will Support the USET Foundation Ahead of Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games
Bruce’s Field where the Aiken Summer Classic series is held. Photo by Jonathan Rabon.

“We are happy that we can support the USET Foundation, which provides funding for Olympic and Paralympic teams as well as United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) Developing and High Performance Programs,” said Bob Bell, President of the Classic Company. “We are proud of our Olympic and Paralympic Teams and wish them great success as they represent the United States in Tokyo this summer.”

“Given the added layer of complexity and logistics due to the COVID-19 pandemic and rescheduling of Tokyo 2020, this year’s Olympic and Paralympic Games will be the costliest Games in the history of the United States Equestrian Team,” said Bonnie Jenkins, Executive Director, USET Foundation. “At the same time, as the philanthropic partner to USEF, we cannot lose sight of its Development and Pathway Programs that are priming our country’s elite, young athletes to successfully represent the United States on the greatest international stages in the future.

“We are extremely grateful to Bob Bell and his team at Aiken Summer Classic for their support of the USET Foundation,” Jenkins continued. “It’s wonderful to have a competition organizer acknowledging the commitment required to sustain a safe and successful experience for our athletes and horses in Tokyo, as well as finding creative ways to support our athletes more broadly.” 

If Aiken Summer Classic exhibitors wish to make an individual donation to support the U.S. Teams and the USET Foundation, they will receive an attractive blue armband with the USET logo designating the individual as a USET supporter. Riders are encouraged to proudly wear the armband in the ring while competing. Click here to donate today:

If you are a competition organizer that would like to support the USET Foundation at an event, please contact Maureen Pethick at