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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the roles of the USET Foundation and US Equestrian?

The United States Equestrian Team Foundation was created as a not-for-profit organization under IRS Section 501(c)(3) in December, 2003. The Foundation’s primary mission is to raise tax-deductible contributions from individuals and make grants to US Equestrian in support of our nation’s High Performance athletes and horses.

US Equestrian, the National Governing Body, based in Kentucky, is responsible for all national and international (High Performance) aspects of equestrian sport, including training and competition related activities, as well as marketing and corporate sponsorship efforts.

What funding does High Performance receive from other sources?

US equestrian raises approximately 30% of its High Performance annual budget through High Performance membership dues, corporate sponsors and other licensing agreements. In addition to these funds the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) provides approximately 20% of the annual High Performance budget. The USET Foundation grant accounts for the greatest portion of the budget contributing approximately 50%.

My financial investment in the sport is already considerable. Why should I also give money to the USET Foundation?

Tax-deductible contributions to the USET Foundation further your personal investment in equestrian sport by supporting the High Performance programs and our teams, enabling them to succeed against the world’s top equestrian powers. The funding required for these endeavors is significant. Unlike in other countries, our teams receive no governmental funding. It is only through the support of those committed to reaching the highest levels in U.S. equestrian sport that we can send our athletes and horses into international competition and bring home medals for our country.

Why are you looking for multi-year pledges?

The Raising the Bar campaign seeks to fund the High Performance strategic plan, firmly establish an endowment that will create a lasting legacy, and ensure continued excellence into the future. This multi-year strategic plan focuses on objectives and action plans required to help our athletes and international teams to reach their highest potential. Multi-year commitments allow the Foundation, in partnership with US Equestrian, to appropriately forecast how the High Performance programs will be funded. Such pledges also allow the USET Foundation to direct its resources and accurately plan new budgets, as well as identify and cultivate potential new donors.

Can I restrict my gift to a specific discipline?

Yes. Donations may be directed, in whole or in part, to fund any of the eight High Performance disciplines. Donate to any discipline below.

Why are you looking for endowment gifts?

An endowment will create a reliable source of funding that can be drawn upon year in and year out, to supplement the USET Foundation’s annual funds and provide increased support for Developing and Elite High Performance programs. By achieving the goal and employing prudent investment strategies, the endowment will generate nearly $1 million in annual funding by 2024 and more than $1.7 million by 2040.

How will the money raised be allocated?

Contributions to campaign for annual support will be applied 80% towards grants to High Performance programs and 20% unrestricted. 100% of endowment gifts go directly to the Endowment Fund.

How will I be assured that my contribution will be allocated properly?

US Equestrian is required to provide the Foundation with a periodic accounting indicating the application of all Foundation grants. All donors will receive regular reports on the status of the campaign, total funds raised, grant payments made and the level of support allocated to their preferred discipline. Updates about our teams’ plans and achievements will also be included.

What is the USET Foundation’s cost per dollar raised?

The Foundation’s cost per dollar raised is $0.15. The industry standard is $0.20.

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