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March 2020

Sally Robertson

Groom Extraordinaire Sally Robertson’s Labor of Love

After more than two decades, she’s still finding ways to keep the equine athletes she adores, happy, healthy and performing like champions.

Adrienne Lyle Salvino

Olympian Adrienne Lyle Is Ready to Get Back in the Show Ring

With her new equine partner, the dressage champion is hoping to make it to her second Olympic Games.

Bill Steinkrausbeach

Remembering a Legend: America’s First Show Jumping Champion

At the 1968 Olympics, William “Bill” Steinkraus, aboard Snowbound, became the first U.S. show jumper to win an individual gold medal. But that is just part of Bill’s story.

Tom and Roberta Hawkin

“Horses Just Make Life Better” for this Equestrian Sport-loving Family

Helping their daughter compete, Tom and Roberta Hawkins fell in love with equestrian —and saw first-hand why it’s so important to support Team USA’s hardworking athletes.

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