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July 2019

Traveling with Your Horse? Better Let this Expert Handle It

Paperwork, and quarantine, and vaccines, oh my!… USDA veterinarian AC Welsch unravels the mystery of exporting horses.

Giving Horses Wings — It’s What Tim Dutta Does

The Pan American Games kick off in Lima, Peru in just 24 days. How to get our Team’s horses there safe, sound, and ready to compete? Don’t worry – Tim’s got this.

The U.S. Equestrian Team Is Set to Seek Gold in Peru this Summer

After long months of preparation, our athletes and horses are ready for the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru where big competition awaits.

She’s Keeping Our U.S. Dressage Team Healthy, Sound, and Winning

Veterinarian Christina “Cricket” Russillo is making sure our U.S. Dressage horses are in peak condition for the upcoming Pan American Games.

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