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December 2019

Maria Muzzio

Wonder Woman: Maria Muzzio Balances Horses, Classes and Varsity Athletics

An endurance rider with an impressive collegiate track and field career, Maria has her eyes on her next journey: farriery.

Nick Wagman Gets Back in the Saddle Again

Despite two confidence-rattling falls, the veteran dressage rider has his eyes on the 2020 Olympics with Don John.

Anna Buffini

An Unpredictable Horse Gets His Second Chance

Anna Buffini was forced to retire Wilton after a series of perilous events. But two years later, she’s discovered a new connection with the gelding.

Kimberly Palmer

Defying Gravity: Kimberly Palmer’s Gymnastics on Horseback

The 24-year-old daredevil – one of America’s top vaulters – is prepping for the 2020 World Championships in Sweden.

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