The United States Equestrian Team Foundation
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The mission of the United States Equestrian Team Foundation is to provide the necessary resources to make equestrian competitive excellence possible, now and in the future. The Foundation supports the competition, training, coaching, travel and educational needs of America’s Elite and developing International High Performance athletes and horses in partnership with the United States Equestrian Federation. The Foundation is funded through tax-deductible contributions and does not receive any direct or indirect government subsidy.

High Performance programs are developed in the eight international equestrian disciplines of dressage, eventing, jumping, driving, endurance, reining, para equestrian and vaulting. These programs train and support our top athletes and horses to compete at the Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Games and other top international competitions. The High Performance programs provide support for our world-class coaches, international competition and training grants, national training sessions and talent search programs to identify future elite equestrian athletes. In addition, dressage athletes with disabilities participate in Paralympic and World Championship competition.


W. James McNerney, Jr.
Chairman and President & CEO

William H. Weeks 
Vice President 

Akiko Yamazaki

Philip Ernst Richter

Board of Trustees

Georgina Bloomberg
Alex Boone
Gloria Callen
Jane Forbes Clark
George H. Davis, Jr.
Lisa T. Deslauriers
William Craig Dobbs
Margaret H. Duprey
Elizabeth Fath
Louis M. Jacobs
Elizabeth L. Johnson
S. Tucker S. Johnson
Cayce Harrison Judge
Elizabeth B. Juliano
Howard Keenan
Murray Kessler
Fritz Kundrun
Anne Kursinski
Beezie Madden
W. James McNerney, Jr.
Mary Anne McPhail

Frank G. Merrill
Elizabeth Meyer
Elizabeth Miller
Misdee Wrigley Miller
Karen O’Connor
Signe Ostby
Robin Parsky
Maurice (Chip) Perkins
Diane Thomas
Suzanne Thomas Porter
Juliet Reid
Rebecca Reno
Philip Ernst Richter
Patti Scialfa
Eric L. Straus
Zacharie Vinios
Chester C. Weber
William H. Weeks
Jack Wetzel
Akiko Yamazaki

Honorary Life Trustees

Bertram R. Firestone
Patricia D. Gilbert
Murray H. Goodman
Helen K. Groves

Jacqueline B. Mars
Jessica Ransehousen
Frances B. Steinwedell
Abigail S. Wexner

National Advisory Committee

Sarah Armentrout
Darby Furth Bonomi
Jennifer Burger
Edward Casas
Henry L. Collins III
Debi H. Dobbs
James H. Fairclough
Karin Flint
Jennifer Gates
H. John Gilbertson
Anne Gribbons
Valerie J. Kanavy
Fernanda M. Kellogg
Helene J. (Danny) Magill

Debbie McDonald
Dr. Stagg Newman
Wendy O’Brien
Rowan T. O’ Riley
Michael O. Page
Caryl D.Philips
Judy H. Richter
Janne H. Rumbough
Cindy Serenci
Melanie Smith Taylor
Kimberly Van Kampen
Andrew Welles
Steve Wilson

USET Foundation Staff

Bonnie B. Jenkins
Executive Director

Kaki Meyer
Executive Assistant

Mark P. Piwowar
Chief Financial Officer

Michele Cotter
Director of Annual Support

Mary-Ellen Milesnick
Campaign & Database Manager

Catherine Pane
Director of Accounting & Office Manager

Maureen Pethick
Communications & Facilities Coordinator

Clifton J. Cotter, Jr.
Director of Facilities

Eric Cohan

Juan Rodas

Lucas Rodas

how your donations help

Contributions made to the USET Foundation directly support the grants that the Foundation makes to the Federation for the High Performance programs.  Annually, the USET Foundation awards grants covering approximately 50% of the High Performance program budget.  Donors may give an unrestricted gift or restrict their gift to a specific discipline. 

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