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Donate to a Specific Fund or Discipline

Endowment Fund:

International and competition and training endowment fund for all High-Performance disciplines.

 Gladstone Fund:

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of Hamilton Farm, the USET Foundation has initiated a capital campaign to preserve the historic Hamilton Farm Stables and continue to provide a home and world class training facility for the USET Foundation and the United States Equestrian Teams. For more information on how to contribute to The Gladstone Fund, please call the USET at (908) 234-1251.

Giltedge Endowment Fund:

The fund set up by Jacqueline B. Mars awards an annual grant for an Eventing High Performance activity that is in the Eventing High Performance budget. 

Karen Stives Endowment Fund: 

The Fund  set up by Ms. Stives was created to award grants to those eventers that will have direct impact on the United States’ ability to win medals at CCIO competitions.

International Developing Rider /U25 Fund:

The United States Equestrian Team (USET) Foundation has established the International Developing Rider Talent Fund to support the United States Equestrian Federation’s High Performance International Young and Developing Rider Programs in the Olympic disciplines. An integral part of the long-term High Performance strategy, this Fund plays a critical role in developing the best possible United States Equestrian Teams for the future.

Amanda Pirie Warrington Fund:

The family and friends of Ms. Warrington, a former Eventing rider who died in 1997 after a tragic riding accident, established this fund to honor her memory. A grant is awarded each year to a developing event rider to help with their training and competition expenses.

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