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Combined Driving Athlete Pathway Programs

By US Equestrian Communications Department

US Equestrian congratulates Combined Driving Elite Athletes who have continued to achieve the highest standard of competition results this year:

Jacob Arnold and Endorro, Mr Lindsey G, Pluto Revans, Kian, Kenji V, owned by Steve Wilson; and Dominic, Fleruamo’s Stijn, Zohan, Eliot Van’t Veldhoven, owned by Eleanor Parkes
Taylor Bradish and Katydid Duchess, owned by Jennifer Matheson
Jennifer “Nifty” Hamilton and Makari Design
Jennifer Keeler and Amazing Grace
James Miller and Agussto’s Armoei, Eldorus, and Gentlemen
Jennifer Thompson and Funnominial CG
Chester Weber and Amadeus, Ideaal, Jake, Julius V, and Reno

Group A

Carrie Ostrowski with Gellerduht
Margaret Shenker with Heartland Flash Back
Suzy Stafford with PVF Peace of Mind and Tegan Ceri

Group B

Paula Bliss with Burr and Harmony’s Senna B
Louise Blankinship with Farnley First Call, Copper Beech Mirth, Lochinvar Donatello, Silverwind Nighthawk, and Bishop Field Terraza
Chris Carswell (Para) with Kianti
Moire Creek with Maizey
Megan Fullgraf with Bayshore Pastime
Damara Gailliot with Nick
Bob Giles (Para) with Drake
Paula Hagen with Chiraz
Yvette Harris with Morwell Amber and Suki
Michele Johnson with Golden Sunset
Diane Kastama (Para) with Cavalier and Live Fire
Anna Koopman with Chandler Creek Eclipse
Deborah Lawrence with Top Secret 53
Theresa Leal (Para) with Win Dancer
Virginia Miner with Taylamor Laurabelle
John Levy with Taylamor Prince Harry
Hilary Mroz-Blythe with Bijou
Phillip Odden with Odden’s Karoline and Odden’s Petra
Maggie O’Leary with Goldwine of TVF and Invitation Only
Stefanie Putnam (Para) with Tuzes
Sharon Brady Silva with Inigma
Kristin Whittington with Symphony
Tasha Wilkie with Van Dyk 4
Bob Vance with Buckeye

Developing Group ‘A’ athletes and horses have achieved pre-elite level results as outlined in the Developing Athlete Program Criteria and have access to additional benefits within the program. The Developing Athlete Program offers year-round training support with top clinicians as well as frequent webinar discussions and educational opportunities on driving sport related topics. Moving forward, the program’s clinics will incorporate more of a training camp syllabus to include lectures, driving equipment education, interactive training and judging exercises, and more!

Learn more about these programs and how they support the Combined Driving discipline.
Interested in applying for the Developing Athlete Program? Apply now!
Applications for the Developing Athlete Program are being accepted online NOW and closing after Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Online applications can be found on a member’s Athlete Dashboard. Contact Director of Driving, Danielle Aamodt, for more information:


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