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If you prefer, donations can also be made by mail or fax by printing and filling out our donation form. For more information about giving to the United States Equestrian Team Foundation and benefits, please call (800) 424-USET.

Other Ways to Give

Pathway to the Podium Challenge

Your Team needs to know you’re with them during this summer of important competition—and beyond! That’s why our Board of Trustees has launched the 2019 Pathway to the Podium Challenge!

Monthly donation

Support the United States Equestrian Team Foundation efforts with a monthly donation.

Gold medal club

Gold Medal Club Membership honors those that contribute more than $1,000 annually to the USET Foundation.

donating to a specific fund

Make your donation more impactful by designating a specific fund or even discipline.

Estate Planning

Consider making a planned gift by designating a percentage of your estate to the USET Foundation.

donation faqs

Learn about the other ways to donate, if your donation is tax-deductible and more.

How our funds support the team

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