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When you click submit, your monthly donation will be processed or you may print this form and mail it to:  USET Foundation, PO Box 355, Gladstone, NJ, 07934.

I understand that my contribution amount will be transferred directly from my bank account, credit card or PayPal account. A record of my gift will appear on my bank or credit card statement. All gifts provided to the USET Foundation originating as Automated Clearing House transactions comply with U.S. law.

I understand that I can increase, decrease or suspend my giving by contacting the USET Foundation at (800) 424-USET, ext. 204.

Ways to Give

One-Time donation

Support the United States Equestrian Team Foundation efforts with a one-time donation.

Gold medal club

Gold Medal Club Membership honors those that contribute more than $1,000 annually to the USET Foundation.

donating to a specific fund

Make your donation more impactful by designating a specific fund or even discipline.

Estate Planning

Consider making a planned gift by designating a percentage of your estate to the USET Foundation.

donation faqs

Learn about the other ways to donate, if your donation is tax-deductible and more.

How our funds support the team

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