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International Competitions:
September 11 – 17, 2017

Our equestrian athletes have distinguished themselves and the United States in international competitions for over 65 years.  The athletes who represent the United States in international competition deserve your support.  The need is great if we are to achieve winning results against the best in the world.  The USET Foundation’s job, with your help, is to provide the necessary resources to make competitive excellence possible now and for the future.

This information is updated on Thursday of each week.

NOTE:  The athletes and horses listed on this table are subject to change due to last minute withdrawals and/or horse substitutions.






Great Britian


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Show Jumping

CSI5* – Lausanne, SUI 
September 14 – 17, 2017

CSI5* Kent Farrington Dublin
CSI5* Kent Farrington Sherkan D’Amaury
CSI5* Lauren Hough Adare
CSI5* Lauren Hough Quantas 15
CSI5* Laura Kraut Curious George
CSI5* Laura Kraut Viper Vrombautshoeve Z
CSI5* Chloe Reid Codarco
CSI5* Chloe Reid Sally 643
CSI5* Paris Sellon Canasta Z
CSI5* Paris Sellon Cassandra
CSI5* Jessica Springsteen Davendy S
CSI5* Jessica Springsteen Cynar VA

 CSI3* –  Bonheiden, BEL
September 13 – 17, 2017

CSI3* Alise Oken Belmont
CSI3* Alise Oken Hitchcock VD Broekkant

CSI3*  – Macon Chaintre, FRA
September 14 – 17,  2017

no website

CSI3* Kerry McCahill Charly Chaplin S
CSI3* Kerry McCahill Important De Muze
CSI3* Kerry McCahill Vatson Sitte

CSI3* – Donaueschingen, GER
September 14 – 17, 2017

CSI3* Wilton Porter Caletto Cabana
CSI3* Wilton Porter Cula Lou V
CSI3* Wilton Porter Diamonte Darco


CAI3* – WCupQ – Donaueschingen, GER
September 14 – 17, 2017

CAIO4*-H4 Chester Weber Bastiaan
CAIO4*-H4 Chester Weber Boris W
CAIO4*-H4 Chester Weber First Edition
CAIO4*-H4 Chester Weber Splash
CAIO4*-H4 Chester Weber Reno



CIC3* Blenheim, GBR
September, 13 – 17, 2017

CCI3* Andrea Baxter Indy 500
CCI3* Hannah Sue Burnett RF Demeter
CCI3* Hannah Sue Burnett Under Suspection
CCI3* Tiana Coudray Under The Clocks
CCI3* Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Carpe Diem IV
CCI3* Lauren Kieffer Landmark’s Monte Carlo
CCI3* Doug Payne Vandiver
CCI3* Kim Severson Cooley Cross Border
CIC3*ERM Hannah Sue Burnett Harbour Pilot
CIC3*ERM Katherine Coleman Back To Business
CIC3*ERM Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Fernhill By Night
CIC3* 8+9yo Elisabeth Halliday-Sharp Deniro Z
CIC3* 8+9yo Lauren Kieffer D.A. Duras

2017 Competition Schedule

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