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International Competitions:
July 18-23, 2017

Our equestrian athletes have distinguished themselves and the United States in international competitions for over 65 years.  The athletes who represent the United States in international competition deserve your support.  The need is great if we are to achieve winning results against the best in the world.  The USET Foundation’s job, with your help, is to provide the necessary resources to make competitive excellence possible now and for the future.

This information is updated on Thursday of each week.

NOTE:  The athletes and horses listed on this table are subject to change due to last minute withdrawals and/or horse substitutions.










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Show Jumping

CSIO5* – Aachen, GER
July 18-23,  2017

CSIO5* – USA Kent Farrington Gazelle
CSIO5* – USA Kent Farrington Uceko
CSIO5* – USA Kent Farrington Voyeur
CSIO5* – USA Lauren Hough Canasta Z
CSIO5* – USA Lauren Hough Ohlala
CSIO5* – USA Lauren Hough Waterford
CSIO5* – USA Laura Kraut Confu
CSIO5* – USA Laura Kraut Whitney
CSIO5* – USA Laura Kraut Zeremonie
CSIO5* – USA Beezie Madden Breitling LS
CSIO5* – USA Beezie Madden Coach
CSIO5* – USA Beezie Madden Darry Lou
CSIO5* – USA Mclain Ward HH Azur
CSIO5* – USA Mclain Ward HH Carlos Z
CSIO5* – USA Mclain Ward Rothchild

 CSI4* – Samorin, SVK
 July 20-23, 2017

CSI4* Leah DeMartini Abunola
CSI4* Eve Jobs Charleville
CSI4* Lillie Keenan Fibonacci 17
CSI4* Lillie Keenan Skyhorse
CSI4* Lillie Keenan Super Sox
CSI4* Christine McCrea Dynamo
CSI4* Christine McCrea Nektarina B
CSI4* Christine McCrea Win For Life
CSI4* Justin Resnik Carismo Z


CSI3* – Knokke, Belgium
July 19-23,  2017

CSI3* Jennifer Gates Pumped Up Kicks
CSI3* Sayre Happy Dolinn
CSI3* Michael Hughes Jeco Van Het Swennenhog
CSI3* Michael Hughes Monty Python 25
CSI3* Michael Hughes Zerlin M
CSI3* Reed Kessler Christy 3
CSI3* Reed Kessler Tradition De La Roque
CSI3* Emily Short Coco II
CSI3* Spencer Smith Rivale Du Barquet
CSI3* Hardin Towell New York
CSI3* Catherine Tyree Bokai
CSI3* Teddy Vlock Cristobar
CSI3* Teddy Vlock Gasper Van Den Doorn

CSI5* – Ascona, SUI
July 20-23, 2017


CSI5* Katherine Dinan Tarioso Manciais
CSI5* Katherine Dinan Ulpi N De Brekka

CSI4* – Megeve, FRA
July 19-23, 2017


CSI3* Taylor Alexander Casiamo
CSI3* Taylor Alexander Gipsy King
CSI3* Taylor Alexander Ryanair De Riverland
CSI3* Samantha Cohen Billy Olive
CSI3* Samantha Cohen Carmen
CSI3* Julie Welles Andretti S
CSI3* Julie Welles First Class
CSI3* Julie Welles Viper Vrombautshoeve Z

CSI3* – Ottowa, CAN
July 19-23, 2017

CSI3* Shannon Clifford Illusionist 2
CSI3* Shannon Clifford Riesling De Milvrault
CSI3* Lucy Deslauriers Hester
CSI3* Mario Deslauriers Bardolina 2
CSI3* Mario Deslauriers Westbrook
CSI3* Jonathan McCrea Aristoteles V
CSI3* Jonathan McCrea D Carolus
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Cacharel
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Centre Ice
CSI3* Kelly Soleau Itty Bitty

CSIU25-A – Valkenswaard, NED
July 21-23, 2017

CSIU25-A Coco Fath Bart C
CSIU25-A Coco Fath Huckleberry
CSIU25-A Sophie Michaels MCB Maya
CSIU25-A Camilla Siekmann Velin Du Houssoit



CAI04* – Aachen, GER
July 18-23, 2017

CAIO4*-H4 – USA Chester Weber Bastiaan
CAIO4*-H4 – USA Chester Weber Boris W
CAIO4*-H4 – USA Chester Weber First Edition
CAIO4*-H4 – USA Chester Weber Maestoso Jupiter
CAIO4*-H4 – USA Chester Weber Splash


CAI3*-H2 Vernon Helmuth Cobold 44
CAI3*-H2 Vernon Helmuth Incitato Kaplar
CAI3*-H2 Vernon Helmuth Maestoso Magnas



CDIO5*, CDI4* – Aachen, GER
July 18-23, 2017

CDIO5*-NC – USA Chase Hickok Sagacious HF
CDIO5*-NC – USA Charlotte Jorst Kastel’s Nintendo
CDIO5*-NC – USA Mette Rosencrantz Marron


CDI3* – Deauville, FRA
July  20-23, 2017

CDI3* Ashley Holzer Havanna 145
CDI3* Pj Rizvi Breaking Dawn
CSI2* Ashley Holzer Radondo


CICO3* – Aachen, GER
July  20-23, 2017

CICO3*-NC – USA Hannah Sue Burnett RF Demeter
CICO3*-NC – USA Lauren Kieffer Veronica

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