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For more than 65 years, our equestrian athletes have represented the United States in international competition. They have distinguished themselves by winning 44 Olympic Games Medals, 99 Pan American Games Medals and 100 World Championship Medals, clearly establishing a preeminent place for the USA among the world’s equestrian elite.


Show Jumping

Show jumping enjoys its place, both nationally and internationally, as one of the most popular and perhaps most recognizable equestrian events.


The specific purpose for dressage is to develop a horse’s natural athletic ability and maximize its suppleness and attentiveness, all the while fostering ultimate harmony between horse and rider.


Somewhat comparable to a human triathlon, the discipline of eventing was historically developed to test the skills required of the working military mount — athleticism, agility, bravery, speed and endurance.


The primary focus of para-dressage sport is to provide educational and competitive opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities. In competition, each athlete is classified according to their functional ability.

Combined Driving

Combined driving is designed to test a horse’s or a team’s speed, stamina, obedience, and athleticism, in three distinct and demanding phases usually held over the course of three days.


A reining competition essentially shows off the skills and athletic abilities necessary in the working ranch horse. Horses needed to be sturdy, quick, responsive, and agile to be able to herd and move cattle and other livestock across the range.


Often described as gymnastics performed on horseback, vaulting’s origins can be traced back to Roman games which included acrobatic displays performed on cantering horses.


As its name implies, the discipline of endurance tests a horse’s fitness and stamina, and a rider’s horsemanship skills, in a long-distance competitive format where the condition of the horse is paramount.

“2014 marked a number of life-changing milestones for me. The opportunities given to me took me to Europe, including Aachen and the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games. This trip, training and valuable life experiences would not have been possible without the USET Foundation. I am forever grateful for the chance to represent my country and the support that the USET Foundation gives to athletes with the dream! Thank You!”

Laura Graves

Dressage Athlete

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