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International Competitions: October  16 – 20, 2019

Our equestrian athletes have distinguished themselves and the United States in international competitions for over 65 years.  The athletes who represent the United States in international competition deserve your support.  The need is great if we are to achieve winning results against the best in the world.  The USET Foundation’s job, with your help, is to provide the necessary resources to make competitive excellence possible now and for the future.

This information is updated on Thursday of each week.

NOTE:  The athletes and horses listed on this table are subject to change due to last minute withdrawals and/or horse substitutions.







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Show Jumping

CSI2* – Oslo, NOR

October 16 – 20, 2019


CSI2* Camilla Siekmann Arbitrage
CSI2* Camilla Siekmann Ecolano Vs Romano

CSI4* , CSI2* – St Tropez, FRA 

October 17 – 20, 2019


CSI4* Lauren Hough Canamera 2
CSI4* Lauren Hough Paloma
CSI2* Alexandra Crown Cheindira
CSI2* Alexandra Crown Doumont
CSI2* Alexandra Crown Basic
CSI2* Lauren Hough Clarima
CSI2* Lauren Hough Gemino
CSI2* Devon MacNeil Cajo
CSI2* Devon MacNeil Miss Shot Gun

CSI3* – Valencia, ESP 

October 15 – 20, 2019

CSI3* Taylor Alexander Gipsy King
CSI3* Taylor Alexander Lord Lucio
CSI3* Sophie Gracida Sentimiento Ls La Silla
CSI3* Stefanie Saperstein Chicago
CSI3* Stefanie Saperstein Frimette E
CSI3* Julie Welles Ambra
CSI3* Julie Welles Cherry Tania
CSI3* Julie Welles Nouvelle
CSI3* Denise Wilson Valentin 124
CSI3* Denise Wilson Secret Fernhill

CSI3* – Vilamoura, POR 

October 14 – 20, 2019



CSI3* Sarah Rose Berg Bolero D’Armanville
CSI3* Sarah Rose Berg Quidams Rubenbos S Z
CSI3* Adrienne Dixon Cocoblue
CSI3* Adrienne Dixon Killossery Kaiden
CSI3* Noel Fauntleroy Jeco Van Het Swennenhog
CSI3* Michael Hughes Bynintot Des Carmille
CSI3* Michael Hughes Charmeur
CSI3* Michael Hughes Go Easy De Muze
CSI3* Michael Hughes Great-Tikla J
CSI3* Michael Hughes Lackamore Storm
CSI3* Michael Hughes Leonello 6
CSI3* Michael Hughes Quatinka
CSI3* Connor Husain Canterbury Della Caccia
CSI3* Connor Husain MTF Saint Simeon
CSI3* Lili Marshall Bouly V/H Heerenhuys
CSI3* Lili Marshall Evert
CSI3* Veronica Tracy Althea De Pre Guioley
CSI3* Veronica Tracy Chinook II
CSI3* Veronica Tracy Daify

CSI3* – Zwolle, NED

October 17 – 20, 2019

no website for this competition



CSI3* Lucas Porter C Hunter
CSI3* Lucas Porter Diamonte Darco
CSI3* Lucas Porter Hope Street
CSI3* Wilton Porter Caletto Cabana
CSI3* Wilton Porter Caretinhus
CSI3* Wilton Porter Delinquent JX

CSI2* –  Lier, BEL

October  17 – 20, 2019



CSI2* Katherine Brama-Walsh Gigant
CSI2* Bliss Heers Antidote De Mars
CSI2* Bliss Heers Christos
CSI2* Bliss Heers Goblet
CSI2* Claire McKean Isabelle
CSI2* Chloe Reid Burlington Riverland
CSI2* Chloe Reid Sally 643
CSI2* Chloe Reid Souper Shuttle
CSI2* Lauren Sturges Irmko-S

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