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International Competitions: November 12 – 17, 2019

Our equestrian athletes have distinguished themselves and the United States in international competitions for over 65 years.  The athletes who represent the United States in international competition deserve your support.  The need is great if we are to achieve winning results against the best in the world.  The USET Foundation’s job, with your help, is to provide the necessary resources to make competitive excellence possible now and for the future.

This information is updated on Thursday of each week.

NOTE:  The athletes and horses listed on this table are subject to change due to last minute withdrawals and/or horse substitutions.





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Show Jumping

CSI5* – W – Stuttgart, GER 

 November 13 – 17, 2019


CSI5*-W Lauren Hough Canamera 2
CSI5*-W Lauren Hough Paloma
CSI5*-W Lauren Hough Waterford
CSI5*-W Spencer Smith Caept’n Gaga
CSI5*-W Spencer Smith Coco Bongo
CSI5*-W Spencer Smith Fathalys

CSI2* – Kronenberg, NED

 November  14 -17, 2019



CSI3* Lauren Hough Canamera 2
CSI3* Lauren Hough Kassiodam
CSI3* Lauren Hough Waterford
CSI3* Connor Husain MTF Saint Simeon
CSI3* Spencer Smith Caept’n Gaga
CSI3* Spencer Smith Theodore Manciais
CSI1* Connor Husain Catender PS
CSI1* Lauren Hough Gemino

CSI2* – Olivia Valencia, ESP 

November 12 – 17, 2019


CSI2* Taylor Alexander Lord Lucio
CSI2* Taylor Alexander Ryanair De Riverland
CSI2* Alexandra Crown Berlina M Romagnolo Z
CSI2* Alexandra Crown Doumont
CSI2* Sayre Happy Amor Van Jonckhoeve Z
CSI2* Sayre Happy Balento C.S
CSI2* Andrew Kocher Country Boy
CSI2* Andrew Kocher Fashion V
CSI2* Andrew Kocher Squirt Gun
CSI2* Laura Kraut Constable II
CSI2* Laura Kraut Deauville S
CSI2* Laura Kraut Goldwin
CSI2* Laura Kraut Greatfull
CSI2* Devon MacNeil Cajo
CSI2* Lucas Porter E Clinton
CSI2* Lucas Porter Hope Street
CSI2* Wilton Porter Caretinhus
CSI2* Wilton Porter Delinquent JX
CSI2* Jessica Springsteen Don Juan Van De Donkhoeve
CSI2* Jessica Springsteen Hungry Heart
CSI2* Jessica Springsteen Tiger Lily
CSI2* Julie Welles Misdimena
CSI2* Julie Welles Nouvelle
CSI1* Alexandra Afzal Sir Max 3
CSI1* Alexandra Crown Basic
CSI1* Alexandra Crown Von Cim
CSI1* Jessica Springsteen Carlotta GH Degliassi
CSI1* Jessica Springsteen Cynar VA
CSI1* Jessica Springsteen RMF Tinkerbell
CSIYH1* Taylor Alexander Billy Nala
CSIYH1* Sayre Happy High Quality SVG
CSIYH1* Sayre Happy Ieleno Du Sud Z
CSIYH1* Wilton Porter Heike ES
CSIYH1* Julie Welles Charismo Z
CSIYH1* Julie Welles Undercover


CAIW- Stuttgart, GER 

 Nov 13 – 17, 2019


CAI-W Chester Weber Baccara
CAI-W Chester Weber Maestoso 51 8
CAI-W Chester Weber Maestoso Mano
CAI-W Chester Weber Panda
CAI-W Chester Weber Ordog

2019 Competition Schedule

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Ehrhardt CEI1* 80 (08/11), CEI1* 80 (09/11), CEI2* 120 (09/11), CEI2* 120 (08/11), CEI3* 160 (08/11), CEIYJ1* 80 (08/11), CEIYJ1* 80 (09/11), CEIYJ2* 120 (09/11), CEIYJ2* 120 (08/11), CEIYJ3* 160 (08/11)

November 7at12:00 am - November 9at12:00 am


November 7at12:00 am
November 9at12:00 am
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